Video Inspection  

Video technology to help you pinpoint problems and diagnose water well conditions. International Water Supply Ltd. Downhole Water Well Video Inspection provides accurate visual inspection of a wells interior.

IWS uses a BT9600 Dual Viewing Inspection Color Camera for downhole water well video inspections. The BT9600 is a Dual Viewing Camera that has significant improvements over other Well Cameras available in the Downhole Marketplace. It uses a single camera module that tilts under operator control to look down the borehole or at the casing wall. It can be rotated 360 degrees, continuously to inspect the entire diameter or casing joint.

A meter accurately identifies depths and a permanent DVD record of the inspection can be provided for future reference; thus, time consuming and inaccurate methods of well inspection can be avoided.

This technology helps to pinpoint problems, diagnose well condition, and confirm well construction details. International Water Supply's inspection system is suitable for water wells, boreholes and even oil and gas wells. After inspection, the full range of International Water Supply's well services are available to correct any problems revealed.

With International Water Supply Ltd., you get 75 years of well service experience backed by engineering knowledge to identify and correct your well problems.

Video Inspection checks new wells and old wells being brought back into service.
Deformed screen prohibits installation of well rehabilitation tools. Video inspection helped prevent additional well damage.
Locating a lost pump bowl assembly to determine possible fishing (retrieving) operation.
Severe encrustation identified as blocking screen openings and restricting water entry.
Identifying cascading water and possible contamination from surface water
Damaged Casing may lead to sand infiltration. Inspection pinpoints problem for repair.
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