About Us  

International Water Supply Ltd. (IWS) is a complete Groundwater development organization, specializing in the assessment, engineering design, construction, management and maintenance of groundwater supplies. We are headquartered in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, about one hour north of Toronto

International Water Supply Ltd. began operations in the early to mid 1920's as Layne Canadian Co., a subsidiary of one of the American-based Layne Companies that were active in the development of Groundwater on a world-wide basis and were part of the original Layne & Bowler pump company founded in 1904. Layne Canadian Co. was re-organized and chartered as International Water Supply Ltd. in 1933, under the laws of the Dominion of Canada. Since 1961, International Water Supply Ltd. has been wholly owned and controlled in Canada by its employees.

During the past 75 years, IWS has developed more Groundwater in Canada for municipal and industrial use than any other Canadian group. Our clients include all levels of government, industry and private developers. The entire Groundwater supply requirements of many of these clients have been entrusted to IWS since the 1930's. Today our clients include major municipalities in Central Ontario such as The City of Barrie, Regional Municipality of Durham, Regional Municipality of Halton, Regional Municipality of Kitchener-Waterloo and the Regional Municipality of York as well as many smaller municipalities in Ontario and across Canada. 

International Water Supply Ltd. was actively involved with the war effort during World War II. IWS drilled and equipped wells for many bases developed for the British Commonwealth Air Training Program throughout Canada. Many of these bases are now local municipal airports and the wells drilled by IWS are still in service 

Throughout our history we have maintained complete construction records for the wells we have constructed and the pumps we have sold to clients, providing a valuable resource of information not available elsewhere.

Throughout its history, IWS has maintained its leadership in Groundwater development by research, discovery, and adopting and improving procedures for evaluating, designing, constructing and maintaining Groundwater supplies. Our staff includes Professional Engineers, Professional Geoscientists, technicians, drillers and equipment maintenance personnel. 

IWS provides complete well and pump maintenance service and maintains a fleet of crane-equipped service trucks. We maintain a large inventory of replacement parts at our main shop in Barrie, Ontario so we can provide timely repair of pumps.


Mission Statement

To promote, develop and protect the use of groundwater as a safe and economical source of potable water through the knowledge, experience and high quality standards of workmanship of our employees.

To establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through the exceptional performance of our team.

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