International Water Consultants Ltd. is a consulting firm of engineers and hyrdogeologists providing professional service for the development, management and protection of our most precious resource. For almost four decades, IWC has been specializing in the evaluation of groundwater resources and its environmental impacts for a myriad of projects.

As an affliate of one of Canada’s oldest companies specializing in groundwater development, our consulting firm has the experience to offer our clients proffesional, high quality service, unmatched in the industry.


IWC is committed to providing quality services to all clients including: 

  • Artificial recharge design and testing
  • Groundwater treatment studies
  • Groundwater interference studies
  • Water resource impact assessments
  • Groundwater monitoring systems design
  • Hydrogeologic mapping and groundwater resource studies
  • Groundwater flow modelling and capture zone analysis           
  • Borehole geophysics and groundwater quality profiling
  • Well and well field design, testing, and hydrogeological evaluations
  • Purge Well Systems to intercept contaminated groundwater
  • Collection, review, and reporting of landfill site monitoring data
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